Hello Readers
My name is Alnasir Abdulkarim Rajan. This book is my first published novel called "Invisible Birthmarks". I have narrated a lot of real life experiences of minorities in the Pre and Post Independent East Africa. I have also included a traditional love story in Kenya that I have linked to my story to emphasize the ever existing cultural and family ties that have always existed between Zanzibar and Tanzania and  Kenya.
Share with me what has been a narration of true turmoil of people who are caught in the web of political upheavals. I cannot even imagine what they went through even though I have had the privilege of hearing first hand a lot of the experiences.
I always hoped someone would take a role in writing in more detail the historical events and how they affected the civilian population during those times. I am still hoping someone will have the courage to do this after reading my book.
Enjoy reading my book which will be available starting February 2010 at all online book retailers.
Thank you...